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Ich spreche verschiedene Sprachen,

aber die schönste Sprache

ist für mich die Musik

Die Schweizer Sängerin, in Schaffhausen geboren, wohnt seit 35 Jahren im Kanton Zürich, Schweiz. Sie hat mit 17 Jahren bereits eigene Songs geschrieben, damals inspiriert von zahlreichen Singersongwritern – z.B. Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Carol King, Don McLean, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Randy Newman u.v.m. Später, folgten einige Jahre mit Aufenthalt im Ausland und nach der Rückkehr in verschiedenen Regionen der Schweiz. Mit vielseitigen, musikalischen Erfahrungen im Gepäck, z.B. an der Jazzschule Luzern und in zahlreichen Workshops im In- und Ausland hat die Singer Songwriterin erneut angefangen Songs zu schreiben und zu veröffentlichen.

The Swiss singer/songwriter Heidy H King – born Heidy König – in Schaffhausen – grew up in a small village on the border to Germany in the family of a customs officer. She had her first guitar lesson at the age of nine and immersed herself in the world of music, thanks to a supportive woman music teacher who was very committed and unconventional for the times.
Soon the guitar became the accompanying instrument and singing Heidy’s favourite pastime. For the teenager, singing in the “back room” became an outlet for feelings and emotions that were mostly suppressed within the family.
This was followed by her first public appearances and attempts to write her own songs.
Studying music was not an opinion as it was considered to be «daydreaming», but thanks to the financial support from her mother the 16-year-old music enthusiast was able to  attend her first singing lessons at the music school in Schaffhausen.
Taking part in various music competitions with well-known cover songs in the German-speaking part of Switzerland brought recognition and prizes and also the realisation that singing leads to personal enrichment and is also a pleasure to be shared with others.
During several years spent working in England, Greece and the Netherlands there were also opportunities to give short performances and further training in singing, but for a long time singing and writing her own songs remained in the background of her life.
It was only later that the singer started a basic musical education at the Lucerne Jazz School with theory, piano and singing lessons, and discovered her love for jazz.  Over the years various music workshops at home and abroad with excellent musicians and teachers as well as voice training lessons have contributed to this day to Heidy King’s motivation and inspiration and to her joy in writing new songs.
….. new songs are in progress

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